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6 October 2017

As due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to attend Tuesday evenings meeting, but here is what I had planned to say at the event.

On 3 October 2017, Geelong Chamber of Commerce organised a Candidate Forum at Rydges Geelong where each candidate was given 90 seconds to present his or her response to a number of questions and also summarise their policies and priorities. In this ‘Not in 90 seconds’ series we present notes and draft speeches that candidates had prepared but weren’t able to express within the timespan of 1:30 minutes.

By Alec Sandner, candidate for Brownbill Ward

I moved to Geelong 10 months ago from Bendigo. I am not a member of any organisation or political party. During 2011-2012 I was Mayor of Bendigo.

My prime focus as a Geelong Councillor will be to return good governance to the Council. In Bendigo the Councillors respected each other. We worked together as a group in harmony with the Chief Executive officer and the staff. During our four year term among other things we built a 1,000 seat theatre, expanded the Library, the Art gallery and built a Multi Story car park all for about $58 million. We obtained approximately $40 million in grants with the remaining $18 million paid from the positive cash flow of the car park This is an example of what can be achieved when Councillors work together.

Business do require a degree of certainty. Australia, South East Asia and China will be the home of the greatest concentration of middle class people in the World. The demand for goods and services from these people will be astronomical. Education and Health Services will be in high demand so if Deakin and Gordon Universities are ranked with the top universities of the world and or hospitals are suppling world standard treatment, teaching and research facilities, people will flock to Geelong to take advantage of these high quality services. They are funded mainly by Government so there will be an enormous government payroll in Geelong which will be spent at local businesses.

Geelong is already a clever and creative city. There is an excellent public hospital, three private hospitals, two universities, many good primary and secondary schools, two well known private schools, a port, Avalon airport and thousands of successful small to large businesses. Take a look at the Fagg family businesses. They would not be here today if the Fagg family was not clever and creative.

Alec Sandner

Alec Sandner
Candidate for the Brownbill Ward

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