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15 November 2017

Post No 16 – By Rusty

Council Election – Greater Geelong City Council

Council Meeting: Special

Cr swear in and office holder election 18:30 Tuesday 14 November 2017

Election from the floor for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for a term of two years.

Nominations for Mayor                        Vote


Cr Bruce Harwood                               11


Mayor Bruce Harwood

Nominations for Deputy Mayor            Vote


Cr Peter Murrihy                                11


Deputy Mayor Cr Peter Murrihy

Congratulations to Bruce and Peter.

GGCC – Councillor Election results 2017

Declared     V E C      4 November 2017 at 3PM

Bellarine Ward

1 Stephanie Asher

2 Jim Mason

3 Trent Sullivan

Brownbill Ward

1  Eddy Kontelj

2  Sarah Mansfield

3  Peter Murrihy

Kardinia Ward

1  Bruce Harwood

2  Ron Nelson

3  Pat Murnane

Windermere Ward

1  Anthony Aitken

2  Kylie Grzybek

Formal Declaration at Council on 6 November 2017 and preference flow. Best to go to    rather than me repeat Mitch’s excellent coverage.


#16         R     14/11/17


The final wash up of Election 2017

Return of the democratically elected council for the Greater Geelong City Council.

The total number of postal votes returned was 149616 (77%), which is about the same proportion from the 2012 election. Even with the $79 fine. People over 70 are exempt from voting. There was a further 5% considered informal. If this was a special motion in a company and in many Inc. associations, the motion would have been lost as is below the 75% threshold.

Why is there such a poor turn out to LG elections?  This is grass roots stuff and is so important to mould your community and make a difference in your neighbourhood.  If you don’t vote don’t complain!

Did we get a diversity reflecting the makeup of today’s Geelong?  We have 3 Female representatives which is encouraging. The final average profile is in line with the composition of the CoGG candidates. The composition of a typical Victorian Council is a 56 y/o Caucasian male. Geelong’s new Council is well below that average age. This is gradually changing throughout Victoria as the understanding of our rich cultural diversity is recognised. There are five (5) previously serving Geelong Councillors, four (4) were amongst the Councillors sacked in April 2016. In CoGG there were just fewer than 800 citizens ceremony’s conducted in the last 12 months.

Only Stephanie in the Bellarine ward got a quota on first count therefore preference votes formed the final result. This was not as evident in the Brownbill ward. Again for the data nerds go to       as it is comprehensively shown there.

Did the “donkey” vote help? Yes in a couple of situations, The Bellarine is noticeable.

Was it purely coincidental that the declaration of the poll was on the eve of the full moon?

The advantage with democracy is that people exercise their right and end up with the elected persons they deserve. Support them, work with them, make them accountable, make them communicate, set out new methods of interaction/ engagement, make then work to allow Geelong to grow sustainably.

Geelong has an influx of some 6,000 pa people. We must set the planning and development framework and to pinch a candidate’s mantra “Progress done Properly” this means careful town planning. I for one have been active in this area I will now be super active in this area. Another very experienced LG candidate has provided a strong case for change in the Planning Dep’t of CoGG. As I said to the CEO back in May; “I came to Geelong to live quietly, away from spotlight.  Do the projects that will benefit Geelong. It is one of your Officers that changed that”.

It is not only the elected representatives that we must hold accountable to the ratepayers/community but the entire Greater Geelong City Council bureaucracy. That is ALL of them at whatever level from the Board of Directors down. I will be super active in this area.

Current successful candidates show how persistence pays. Both Stephanie Asher and Trent Sullivan have had a tilt at the populously elected mayor job.

One advantage of the multi councillor wards is that if a person feels that they would be better to serve the public in another tier of Government we do not have to have a by-election. It is simply done by the VEC on a count back to get the next councillor.

Last word: The Councillors are the 11 cards we have been dealt, we must sit at the table with that hand for the next 3 years. Kenny Rogers, Gambler song we hope does not apply.

UNITE!                      COMMUNICATE!                  PLAN!                   DO!

#16         R    14/11/17



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