CoGG: Central Geelong Community Infrastructure (CGAP)

12 October 2017

Post No 5 – By Rusty

CoGG and Victorian Government | Issue: Central Geelong Community Infrastructure (CGAP)
First Draft 1/6/17

This was an interesting document that CoGG had the first draft open for comment from 1/6/17 till 16/6/17. I did make a submission, that to date has not been acknowledged by any of the partners.

This document generated more questions than it answered, which has been pointed out to them. There has been no feedback on the number of submissions and when the interim draft will be made available for community input etc.

I suggest that very few people were even aware of this document back in June. I urge readers to raise with CoGG and when the interim report will be released and to be advised of its availability.

Of note is the time that this heavy tome was open for 16 days and was released on a Thursday.

To my knowledge was not in that week’s “city news” I stumbled across CGAP, when searching CoGG website for something else. Yet a very small and simple document released in recent months was open for 28 days. That reminds me, the submission to that has not been acknowledged either.

This was also the first flag to indicate that CoGG had decided the location of the new combined Administration and Civic let’s just call it the civic building.

Here is the link to the report as it is just TOOOOOOO hard to follow.

Post #5 – Date 12/10/17

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