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10 October 2017

Post No 2 – By Rusty

City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) election
Councillor support unit

The new Councillors will have a heavy workload in an attempt to address pressing issues at CoGG. One of the Commission of Inquiry’s recommendations was to strengthen the administration support to councillors. This is fine and CoGG have advertised three new Level 7 positions.

We do not know the current size and composition of the Councillor Support Unit nor the size of the Media and Communications unit of CoGG. Again, what was the rush? This process should have not been undertaken until the new Council is formed.

The new Council will be examining the efficiency of the delivery of all services and the current shortfall in a number of areas. Once this review is undertaken, councillors will be able to put a brief together of exactly what support they do actually require. A call to halt the current recruitment will be put forward.

The bureaucrats are rushing on some minor issues and the order of addressing the major issues seems to have slipped in recent months.

I welcome any comments or corrections on the interpretation of this action.

Post #2 – 10/10/17

CoGG – July 2017 | Extract

Councillor Liaison Officer

The Governance and Legal Services Department sits within the Office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is responsible for the provision of specialist legal and governance advice, and quality support to the Mayor and Councillors, ensuring that the City operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Councillor Liaison Officer (CLO) is responsible for facilitating good communication between the Councillors and the City, providing support and guidance to the Councillors across a range of civic and governance matters to ensure that the Councillors can effectively fulfil their civic duties. The CLO has sound judgment, is personable and agile and has an ability to prioritise competing demands. The CLO is positive, energetic and collaborative, with an outstanding ability to work well in a team and build relationships across a complex organisation to facilitate and achieve timely and consistent outcomes.

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