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11 October 2017

Post No 3 – By Rusty

City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) election
The new Councillors will have a heavy workload in an attempt to address pressing issues at CoGG.

The bureaucrats are rushing on some minor issues and the order of addressing the major issues seems to have slipped in recent months. You only need to look at the project delivery slippage and the carryover from the year ended 30 June 2017 to the future. In the report as presented at the Special Meeting of Council on 5 September 2017, they discus delivered projects for the year ended 30 June 2017. COGG planned on completing 302 projects, they in fact delivered 57% of these being 174 Projects.

The incoming Councillors have many questions to ask the bureaucrats, how they plan to address this large backlog of projects and ensure the infrastructure delivery program catches up.

The figures to be looked at from the same report, CoGG now plan to deliver capital works of $143M in 2017-18. Of which $83M is new capital works and $89M is carried over from 2016-17. They say that of the $173M planned they will have a carryover, to 2018-19 of $29M thus the $143M to be delivered in current financial year.

As I often say you need to link several documents to understand the whole story. So let’s examine what Capital Works the City delivered for the year ended 30 June 2017 it was a total of $77M. This made up of Property of $9M, Plant & Equipment $8M and Infrastructure of $60m.

It is hard to make a direct comparison as the two reports are presented differently. At best the CoGG have delivered less than half in the past year to what they a promising to deliver in the current financial year.

The Non capital project story is even more dramatic %-wise but not same level of $ magnitude. This carryover of approx $10M increases the budgeted deficit to $20M for the year ended 30/6/18. Plus issues of just basic road maintenance failing to be carried out.

I welcome any comments or corrections on the interpretation of this Project report.

Post #3 – 11/10/17

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