Jim Mason: Business certainty relies on trust and fairness

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6 October 2017

Jim Mason wrote: “Thank you for this thoughtful opportunity. Please find attached my contribution for you to add to the blog.”

On 3 October 2017, Geelong Chamber of Commerce organised a Candidate Forum at Rydges Geelong where each candidate was given 90 seconds to present his or her response to a number of questions and also summarise their policies and priorities. In this ‘Not in 90 seconds’ series we present notes and draft speeches that candidates had prepared but weren’t able to express within the timespan of 1:30 minutes.

By Jim Mason, candidate for Bellarine Ward

The CoOG has Direction in the Clever and Creative future plan. It requires good Leadership to see it implemented. It is encouraging that the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) has progressive policies and supports this plan. City Deal and Local Procurement support this notion.

A sustainable and stable economic environment relies upon Business Certainty. Businesses need:
– to be consulted and contribute to planning
– Stable governance
– Certainty in the long term plan
– Trust in rules and their enforcement
– Fairness needs to be and appear fair

I would like to discuss more about city centricity and the importance of the CoC to engage with the outlying wards more comprehensively another time.

My basic background
I have:
• Local Knowledge – Bellarine Born and Bred
    – studied at the Civil Engineering at Gordon and
    – MA International Relations Deakin
    – Governance IV – William Angliss

• Extensive experience Leading International Humanitarian Recovery and development Programmes
    – UN, EU and other Governments

• Other Professional Experience Former Civil Engineer, Maths and Environmental Science Teacher

• Have an ABN, and am currently farming on the Bellarine

Through my work I have learned at the importance of Effective Governance, Culture and Behaviour at normative International Standards.

Important elements include:
– Adherence to Best Practice Standards in all professional fields
– Consultative Leadership
– Community Engagement (Associations, Chamber of Commerce etc)
– Accountability to all stakeholders
– Strategic Planning
– Project cycle of Internal Design, Review and redesign

Jim Mason

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